We’re getting a cat in a few days. I’m very excited considering I wouldn’t really describe myself as an animal lover. The children are even more excited than Helen and I are, I hope they’ll still be as involved when it comes to cleaning out the litter tray.


I’ve just realised that I was the 124th person in the entire world to gain a particular work certification I have and was 13th in the UK.


Blogging is hard

I’ve just realised that its been about 18 months since the last (and only) post I’ve made on this blog. So much for updating it more often than I did my last blog.

Perhaps that means I just have nothing interesting to say.

No, wait, that can’t be it, I’m fascinating.

Sunday’s lazy Sunday’s

Sometimes Sunday’s in the winter with the children turn out to be a bit rubbish, we stay in all day, everyone gets a bit under everyone’s feet and we all end up snapping at each other. Me in particular, then my wife comes home to find me in a bad mood because I feel like I’ve let my children down by not being grown up enough to rise above it.

Other times, there are days like today.

We laze around the house in our pyjamas until late morning, get dressed and then spend the rest of the day playing.

Over the course of today I’ve been a racing car driver, a fairy tale prince, a car mechanic, an electrical engineer (nothing to do with the children), a reacher of things from high places, a maker of meals and, most frequently, a wiper of bottoms.

Parenting is not always glamorous, it’s not always fun, sometimes it’s downright unpleasant. Most of the time though, parenting is brilliant and I just have to remind myself to get out of my own way and actually enjoy the things that are annoying me because they won’t be children for ever & I will as sure as shit, miss days like this when they don’t come about any more.

I do love my kids though.