Welcome to the online home of Thomas Day. ‘Online home’ in as much as this is the small part of the internet that I rent and control, not where I spend most of my time, as that would be really narcissistic, even more so than I am normally.

To avoid confusion with any other Thomas Days out there, or even combinations of those words from other things, like nurseries and historical figures, I’m the Thomas Day who lives in Guildford, works in Wisley, has three children, a wife and currently owns and operates a third rate moustache/beard combination.

I’m the one who likes his technology shiny, his science fiction hard and his drinks fruit….. or creamy, or with alcohol in them, or caffeinated, or sugary, or bubbly.

I’m the one that you’ll see driving a reasonable rusty and quite old CLK round Guildford.

I’m also the one that’s sort of trying to lose weight after the Christmas holidays by thinking about exercise really hard instead of actually doing any.